Laura Shema & The Adorabilibuddies

For those of you unaware of the tour de force of artistic awesomeness that is Laura Shema, well, do I have a treat for you! I commissioned Laura to illustrate my four cats in her own unique style and boy, did Laura nail it. What I love about these prints is how Laura was able to absolutely capture the unique personalities of my four very different felines. And that’s the remarkable and intangible quality to Laura’s work that is so incredible, how she can illustrate the essence of an individual.
Laura isn’t limited to cat portraits, she does incredible portraits of people for wedding invitations and holiday cards, private commissions, editorial work, fashion illustration as well as fine art.
Gracie, the oldest, and the most refined. Gracie truly is the little lady. And yes, Gracie usually sits quite refined with her little paws crossed, and the contented smirk on her face is spot on!
Husky, Lively, Happy-go-lucky Lil Man is wide eyed, affectionate and always ready to play.
My darling Peach Cat…it’s often whispered that our skinny little neurotic huntress is an alien species. If Peach were an actress, she would be Tilda Swinton. In fact, Peach MAY BE Tilda Swinton….
My sweet, shy little Bella, the baby of the group. She is even tempered, petite and quite thoughtful. She’s very shy, but a cuddle monster when you least expect it!